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Neighbours aren't what they used to be!

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In days gone by most people grew up, worked and retired in the same area so they knew, or knew of, almost everyone in their community. They also tended to know everyone’s business. This had its downsides but it also meant that, even without family, nobody’s problems went unnoticed for long - and the sense of community usually meant that an offer of help soon followed.

That may be a slightly rose tinted view, but it’s certainly not like that any more. These days your nearest neighbour may only have moved to the area recently. Perhaps you've only lived here a short while too. You don’t know each other and how would you? Getting to know your local community used to take a whole childhood and longer. These days we don’t bump into each other like we used to and it means that we just don't know when someone nearby needs help.

The good news is that most people are happy to help out when they can see the problem and have the where-with-all to tackle it. What we don’t have is the old bush telegraph which rapidly connected the problem to the solution.
That’s what Pembridge Good Neighbour Scheme is all about. It’s not an alternative to the emergency or social services, just a group of neighbours happy to help out. To make it work we only need two things:

  • volunteers who will help when the problem is something they are happy to handle
  • residents prepared to call us when they need occasional help

It may be that the second is more difficult than the first but, whichever camp you fall into, the number to call between 9.30am and 5.00pm is:
07779 122499