Panorama of Pembridge
Pembridge Parish


The steering group meet regularly to develop Pembridge Neighbourhood Development Plan. All meetings of the Steering Group are open to the public and you are welcome to come to observe and comment.


Date Document
28-Feb-2019 Referendum Vote


Date Document
22-Oct-2018 Minutes 22nd October 2018


Date Document
18-Jul-2017 Minutes 18th July 2017
20-Nov-2017 Minutes 20th November 2017
23-Jan-2017 Minutes 23rd January 2017
04-Apr-2017 Minutes 4th April 2017


Date Document
19-Dec-2016 Minutes 19th December 2016
22-Mar-2016 Minutes 22nd March 2016
25-Oct-2016 Minutes 25th October 2016
26-Apr-2016 Minutes 26th April 2016
26-Jan-2016 Minutes 26th January 2016
29-Nov-2016 Minutes 29th November 2016
05-Jul-2016 Minutes 5th July 2016
07-Jun-2016 Minutes 7th June 2016


Date Document
10-Nov-2015 Minutes 10th November 2015
01-Dec-2015 Minutes 1st December 2015
01-Jul-2015 Minutes 1st July 2015
21-Jul-2015 Minutes 21st July 2015
22-Sep-2015 Minutes 22nd September 2015
30-Sep-2015 Minutes 30th September 2015

Consultation documents

To generate a Neighbourhood Development Plan the steering group need to ensure parishioners are given the opportunity to view, comment and discuss the emerging plan at different stages.

In this section, you will find documentation recording consultation with residents, community groups, services and businesses during the Neighbourhood Planning Process.

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