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Pembridge search for relatives of those lost since in WW2 and the Iraq War.

Pembridge search for relatives

Verdun oak

In 2018, 31 small Oak trees were planted along the “Straight Mile”.  These Oaks were grown from acorns gathered up from beneath the Pembridge Verdun Oak in memory of 31 local men who lost their lives in WW1.

Verdun acorns were sold to raise money for the troops during WW1.  One such acorn was purchased at a fete by a local man, Colonel Benn. It was planted in the village and came to be known as the Pembridge Verdun Oak

Unfortunately, Pembridge Verdun Oak split and had to be felled, (The trunk has been taken away to form a sculpture that will be returned to the site).  But importantly, more acorns were picked up, planted and have grown on.

We intend to continue the planting along the Straight Mile in memory of those lost since in WW2 and the Iraq War.

We are keen to trace any relatives of the names below and invite them to be involved with this project by planting a tree.


Robert Birt RAF

Patrick Bourdillon Capt Kings Shrops light Infantry (KSLI) 

Oscar Bulmer Capt KSLI 

William Chandler  RM 

Geoffrey Coxon  RAF 

Stanley Gladwin KSLI 

Alfred Hyde Border Reg 

William Owens Welsh Guards 

Iraq War 

Mark Powell SAS

Please contact if you are a relative or you know of relatives of the above-named men.