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Portrait of Pembridge - A Social History

Portrait of Pembridge


Some members of the community are developing a social history of Pembridge and documenting what they find online.

Pembridge is full of historic buildings; we know a lot about them, but we don’t know much about the people who lived in them.

While the lives of noblemen, bishops and kings are well recorded, little is known about most people whose lives have built the fabric of our community.

“Portrait of Pembridge” aims to rectify that, both by exploring our past and creating a record of people and events in Pembridge today for future generations.

You can help us fill in the rich tapestry of Pembridge, past and present, by sharing your photos, memories, stories and news. Our success depends on your involvement and membership will be free.

We will record and share what we discover both online and through a permanent exhibition in the Bell Tower.

Later, we plan to have a 'Library' page and a 'People' page on this site.


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